Monique Rigsby

  • What makes us different from other lenders:

*We believe that every person has a worth as an Individual.


  • What do you like about your position:

*I love that I feel like my help & guidance in getting our customers to make their payments makes a difference in their success in life.


  • What is unique in our customer relationships:

*We understand that in life there are many struggles & hardships, and as long as they communicate with us, we always try to help them as well as letting them maintain accountability.


Success stories:

*One specific lady called back, just to ask, “Do you miss calling me for my payments, Haha?” She was so happy when she was finally able to payoff her vehicle. But I truly believe that it was only able to be accomplished with our consistency in reaching out.



*Many customers have paid off their vehicles & have built their credit up to a good standing through their diligence in making their payments, and are able to realize the result of their accomplishment.


What makes you proud to be a part of our team:

*I am proud to be apart of our team because we are professional & ethical, and we are caring & considerate, treating our customers with dignity & respect always ready to help them.


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