Felicia Muno

  • What makes us different from other lenders 

We help with payment arrangements .. When they communicate, and we have no late fees.


  • What do you like about your position 

I like my position for different reasons ..My coworkers are great to work with and our flexible hours..I enjoy doing different tasks and getting to know our customers.

  • What is unique in our customer relationships Success stories 

When we help customers who are struggling and we are willing to help them succeed ..I’ve seen customers who are having a hard time with payments cause of real-life struggles but we do are best to help them get back on track.. And some customers even payoff their car because of the help we were able to give them ..And I’ve seen cstrs catch up with pymnts because we help them with arguments.



  • Accomplishments 

When I see a customer struggling and we helped them get thru hard times with arguments and see them pay off a car that is a great accomplishment for that customer.



  • What makes you proud to be a part of our team

Im proud to be part of this team because we all work together and help each other out no matter the situation..I call that teamwork I also feel at times I can be a big asset to this company and I want to continue that.


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